List Of Topics

This is a list of all the topics by the AP Physics Course Outline. Please select two topics and put your name beside it. Whoever chooses “Angular momentum and conservation” and “Rotational kinematics and dynamics “ only have to do one topic because they are so big.

-Motion in 1D- Curtis
-Motion in 2D- Curtis

Newtons Laws
-1st Law & 2nd Law- Kaitlin
-3rd Law- Kaitlin

-Work and Work Energy theorem Justin
-Forces and Potential (Suzanna Broadwell)
-Power (Suzanna Broadwell)

-Center of Mass (Kathryn Daniel)
-Impulse and Momentum - James
-Conservation and Collisions - James

-Uniform CM Marcus
-Torque and Rotational (Kathryn Daniel)
-Rotational kinematics and dynamics (patti murphy)
-Angular momentum and conservation (Aswad)

-Orbits and Satellites Sarah Pace
-Planets (Newton’s law of gravity) Sarah Pace
-SHM Justin
-Mass and spring(Rochelle Lobo)
-Pendulum(Rochelle Lobo)

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